Atsuko Maeda to graduate from AKB48

On the 25th day and last day of their 3 days performance in Saitama Super Arena, Maeda spoke: "I, Atsuko Maeda made a big decision here today after finishing the performances and all...
I, Atsuko Maeda worked hard in my own way and announce my graduation from AKB48 after six and a half years." The venue was abuzz on the announcement as it was the biggest shock of AKB, members broke down crying. Graduation period is still to be determined at this time. Following the surprise announcement yesterday of Miyuki Watanabe of NMB48 and Jurina Matsui of SKE48 joining AKB48 for a limited time and the first Tokyo Dome concert decision, the graduation of the "face of AKB48" was meted out. In a concert audience of 25,000 the people are screaming the largest to the surprise announcement. 

Photos: OriconSankei Shinbun

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